• Symbicare. A health tecnology solutions provider.

    Symbicare is a technology solutions company that develops mobile, tablet and desktop applications to facilitate the communications in regards to the physical well being of the consumer. We facilitate the symbiotic relationship between the consumer, physicians, employee groups and Insurance Providers that is necessary to realize the promise of healthcare reform.

    Symbiotic Relationship Management (SRM) is a newly defined business strategy for managing long-term interaction between consumers and business entities where all parties – typically 3 or more - derive a mutual benefit. Similar to CRM systems in that it involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes. The technology infrastructure powering the SRM systems are centrally managed which allows for communications and interactions to be initiated by any member within the symbiotic relationship for delivery to all relevant parties. We align the needs and resources of the business contacts with the proven skill sets of Symbicare as currently applied to communicating, facilitating and new client acquisition.

  • Products

    The Symbicare Platform is an enterprise communications solution that manages and facilitates multi-channel communication to patients, potential patients and staff. The platform is the central component in all of the Symbicare application solutions. The central administration allows for managers to assign and monitor tasks to staff located in different offices. The platform is hosted in our tier 1 rated data center allowing for 365/24/7 secure access. The management applications can be accessed by PC's, tablets and smart phones insuring wide area access to communication tools.

    We currently offer two rich media applications , "Mind Your Health" and "SocialHealth".

    "Mind Your Health" is a mobile application that helps consumers search and communicate with physicians,hospitals and pharmacies. It is available for the iphone, ipad and android devices. A facebook application is in the beta process as well as a desktop version. Patients can track their current Physicians and Pharmacies, access Maps and maintain a list of prescriptions through the mobile application.

    "SocialHealth" is a mobile application that is customized for our larger corporate customers to facilitate Health Initiatives that help reduce the cost of Healthcare to the company and to the individual employees. Social Health tracks exercise and eating habits and facilitates intra-office health minded competitions. A point system is used as an incentive to encourage employees to participate. Please contact us if you would like to see a demo.